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Truk’i Pan’s – This is where you must eat in Curaçao!

Truk’i Pan’s – This is where you must eat in Curaçao!
April 23, 2023

Curaçao is bursting with restaurants where you can enjoy fine dining. Delicious meat dishes or freshly caught fish are on the menu almost everywhere. But if for once you don’t feel like eating out, but also don’t feel like cooking yourself, visit a Truk’i Pan. Truk’i Pan’s are food trucks set up along the side of the road. The food there is delicious and the price is often very reasonable. Especially in the evening, you also see many local people lining up at a Truk’i Pan. Because there are so many, we have made a selection of our favorites for you!

BBQ Express Caracas Bay Road
This Truk’i Pan has been voted the best Truk’i Pan in Curaçao for several years. And they have earned that distinction. Located on Caracasbaaiweg in a large parking lot. You can order anything on barbecue here. They do not open until after 9 p.m., so as a true Dutchman you have to save your hunger for a while. Even after going out, this is a place where many revelers end the evening with a sandwich.

Friday’s Baby Truck

Diagonally across from the BBQ Express (next to the Luna Park), stands this Truk’i Pan. No big parking here, so you have to pay attention because you’ll drive right past it. The fact that the Truk’i Pan itself is only very small does not diminish the quality of the food. Our recommendation: the Jack Daniel Wings. Thank us later!

The Don Street Restaurant

The Don does not call itself a Truk’i Pan but a street restaurant. Located in Saliña next to the old Caracas Bay Road, it stands out naturally because of the intimate lighting that hangs there. There’s always a line here too and you’ll find plenty of tables to eat it up outside. They have a large menu; from Lomito to Burgers to pizza, something for everyone.


Enjoy more

In other words, enjoy more! This Truk’i Pan specializes in the tastiest smoothies you can find. This food truck is also located near the BBQ Express and Friday’s baby truck. Fortunately, they are already open during the day, so you don’t have to wait until 9 p.m. You can choose your smoothie with sugar or with milk, but even without sugar they are already deliciously sweet! Highly recommended if you want to cool down during the day!

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