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On vacation to Curaçao? – These Papiamento words you need to know!

On vacation to Curaçao? – These Papiamento words you need to know!
April 22, 2023

If you have booked a beautiful villa through us and your vacation is planned, it might be nice to practice some phrases and words in Papiamentu. Of course you can get by with Dutch anywhere on the island, but the locals really appreciate it when you make the effort to speak their language as well. Learn some useful words here for your vacation to Curacao.

What kind of language is Papiamentu?

Papiamento is a creole language spoken on the islands of Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. It is a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese with some Dutch influences as well. The name Papiamento (literal meaning: talked) is derived from the Portuguese word for babble: Papear.

Greetings in Papiamentu

Bon bini – Welcome

Bon dia – Good morning

Bon tardi – Good afternoon

Bon nochi – Good evening

Bon siman – Have a nice week

Bon wikènt / Feliz wikènt – Have a nice weekend.

Ayo – Doei / Tot ziens

Short phrases in Papiamentu

Kon ta bai? – How’s it going?

Mi ta bon – I am doing well

Kon ta ku bo? – How are you doing?

Mi ta stima bo – I love you

Mi no papia Papiamentu – I don’t speak Papiamentu

Mi ta papia un tiki Papiamentu – I speak a little bit of Papiamentu

Mi yama… / Mi nòmber ta… – My name is …. / My name is….

Kon yama bo? – What is your name?

Kwanto esaki ta kosta? – How much does it cost?

Useful words in Papiamentu

Dushi – Darling, sweet, sweet, beautiful, kind, candy, fine, good

Dushi bida – The good life

Dushi yiu – Nice, say

Hopi – More

Tiki – Weinig / Beetje

Chikito – Small

Gran / Grandi – Groot

Mas – Sea

Menos – Minder

Ku – Mead

Sin – Zonder

Bon – Goed

Malu – Slecht

Tránkilo – Rustig

Rápido – Snel

Days of the week in Papiamentu

Djaluna – Monday

Djamars – Tuesdays

Djarason – Wednesday

Djawieps – Thursday

Djabièrne – Friday

Djasabra – Saturday

Djadomingu – Sunday

Numbers in Papiamentu

Sero – Zero

Un –  One

Dos – Two

Tres – Three

Kuater – Four

Sinku – Five

Seis – Six

Shete – Seven

Ocho – Eight

Nuebe – Nine

Dies – Ten

Shen – Hundred

Mil – One Thousand

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